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The Jura: The Best Coffee Machine in the World

We're not a big fan of superlatives, but it's hard to get around them with the Jura. It makes the best coffee, plus it's the easiest, fastest, cleanest, cheapest, and most reliable.

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Quiet mornings in on the sofa with truly delicious coffee is pretty excellent

Jessica Hische Lettering Artist

Total addicts, through and through!

Clint Conley, Mission of Burma

The machine is, in a word, awesome.

Rev. Dr. Nate Baxter

A Crema Master

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Gain Financial Control

Everyday you are spending unnecessarily on your coffee. The Jura is the cheapest way to brew coffee. Yes, even cheaper than a drip coffee maker. The typical coffee drinker spends over $3,500 at home and $20,500 at the cafe over 5 years.

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