This is an exercise to help you align and get something you want. You create your reality. The things you say you want represent the person you wish you were but currently are deciding that you are not. The things you want are symbols of your ideal. You want something because you think it will make you feel a certain way. Focus on developing your feelings and something will manifest that is usually even far better than you can imagine. Remember, action is what makes your beliefs official. How you act is what you really believe.

If you had what you say you want, how would you feel? Write this in the present tense with words like "happy, excited, safe" or "I am happy. I feel excited for life."

Look at the list of feelings. How does the person that feels that way think act? How does this new you interpret your reality? Write this in the present tense. Use specific action that someone else could easily identify. Not "I would smile," but instead use "I smile."

Sometimes people hold themselves back. They use the fact that something hasn't manifested as excuse to not move forward. Recognizing these thigns can help you move forward rather than wait. What can you not do or feel without this manifestation? What does not having it prevent you from doing? Are these limitations real? Are you sure?

Inisiting that we need a manifestation is a decision. We are often deciding we cannot be our fullest selves. When you define the manifestation more precisely you can make the fact that is a decision more obvious. At what point will you decide that the manifestation is complete. When will you decide it has manifested and when will you decide that it has not? What is that border line? Don't worry if you can't. The point is to remind you, that you are holding you back by your decisions.

You may say you want that. But do you really? What benefit do you get by not having what you say you want? Does it allow you to escape responsibility? Does it allow you to not do something? Are you intentionally holding it away from yourself?

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