This exercise will help you get something you want.

Estimated Time: 15-30 minutes

Describe what you want. Be as detailed as you feel comfortable, but don't push it too hard, that comes next.

List the feelings you would have if you had what you want. Focus here. If you see yourself doing something write that in the next step.

How would you act if you felt the way you just described? Action is what makes things "official."

How does not having what you want limit you? Are you sure? What can you not do because you don't have what you want?

What is the specific point or criterium at which you will decide your manfestation is complete or incomplete?

You may say you want that. But do you really? There must be some benefit for you not having it, otherwise you would. What is it? What are some things you avoid doing because you don't have it?

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