About Us

    The Benefits of Exclusivity

    1. Longer warranties
    2. Greater discounts
    3. Simplify your purchasing decision
    4. Quick checkout and the correct supplies
    5. Swiss Chocolate (we include chocolate with every purchase)

    Only a Few Models - The Secret

    While Jura has many models, we only stock a few. That's on purpose. The reality and the secret is that most of the Jura machines have the same parts on the inside. What varies between machines are things like the water tank size, and the number of bean hoppers. We have selected the last expensive models that produce the same flavor as the most expensive and advanced machines. We want your life to be simple, not get bogged down in paying extra, decision making, or superfluous features.

    Also by focusing a few models we are better able to provide support and maintenance and therefore keep the costs down.