About Us

We exist simply to make you happy. I am David Johnson and I am a retired entrepreneur who has the opportunity to travel the world. I don't need the money. I do this because I love what we do and believe everyone should experience the joys of life.

Coffee touches us like nothing else in life. It is our most personal and intimate friend; always there for us in good and bad times. It is also social and helps connect with others, both in sharing it together and in the idea that we are part of a world in which millions of others are sharing in the same experience at the same time.

We Don't Sell Everything

We have the option of selling everything in the world, like Amazon, but we want to sell only things that we believe will make a real difference in your life.  It brings us to new depths in our experience.

We Stock Only Jura

We stock only Jura machines. We do not stock every brand. We do not stock every model. Over 100 years ago Espresso was invented by Illy. It was, at the time, the best possible way to brew coffee. The world has come a long way since then. We have not found any other manufacturer capable of producing consistently great coffee.

Why Jura?

When I was traveling in Switzerland, I was blown away everyday by the quality of the coffee, and I realized they were doing something different. They have taken the espresso machines of 100 years ago, and like smart phones have brought them to the modern era, with higher quality and computer controls. It really is better than your local cafe. You need to have one.

How Do We Know It's the Best? Everyone Claims There's Is the Best?

While it may sound like marketing hype, the Jura produces the best coffee you can get, and it is also the simplest. Just press a button and go. Even with a Keurig at least you have to buy pods. It's also cheaper than pretty much every other method. Even with a drip machine you have to buy so much coffee to make a single cup. A cup on a Jura costs about $0.25.

Here is what makes the Jura superior. First, it takes the traditional espresso machine and increases the pressure from 9 barr to 15 barr. Ask your cafe what pressure they use. Second, it uses an extremely high quality grinder that grinds the coffee instantly fresh and with a high degree of consistency in the grinds which results in an amazing flavor.

The Proof Is in the Pudding

The best cafe's in the world use Jura. So does Modern Family, Iron Man, and American Girl.

Only a Few Models - The Secret

While Jura stocks many models, we only stock a few. That's on purpose. The reality and the secret is that most of the Jura machines have the same parts on the inside. What varies between machines are things like the water tank size, whether it is attached to your plumbing, and the number of bean hoppers. We have selected the last expensive models that produce the same flavor as the most expensive and advanced machines. We want your life to be simple, not get bogged down in paying extra, decision making, or superfluous features.

Also by focusing a few models we are better able to provide support and maintenance and therefore keep the costs down.


We do not finance machines. We have setup a model in which this is more like a cell phone service. You pay a monthly service fee and get a machine. There is no credit check or financial approval. We finance our own machines and we also can keep the rates down this way. Sometimes, that means we may be out of stock, so please be patient.