Save Money On Coffee

We compared the costs to brew coffee using the same coffee across a few different methods. See the results below.

Jura is Swiss and hopes the finances will speak for themselves. Efficiency for the Swiss is not minimalism, but delivering excellent quality with the least possible resources. By grinding right at the point of brewing, using more pressure, and computerized controls they can use less coffee and extract more flavors.

Method Cost


3 medium lattes a day at $3.80 costs $20,805 over five years.



3 Keurig K-Cups per day at $0.64/cup is $3,504.80 over five years.


Drip Coffee/French Press

The minimum brewing is 1.50 oz (roughly 1/4 cup), or $1.28/brew.



3 cups in a Jura per day at $0.28/cup is $1533.00 over five years.


Crema with the convenience of a Keurig.

— Daniel Meyer