White Rabbit

White Rabbit is coming soon...

For years we have been researching to deliver something absolutely new and amazing. We have always loved taking luxury vacations and one of the things we love most is knowing our room is going to be cleaned everyday and room service.

We have been big fans of Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, and the Bauhaus aesthetic which focuses on simplicity and an obsession with details. All of this is combined with a deep love for what is created and it’s emotional impact, rather than simply it’s material pragmatic value. We will be offering home room service called the White Rabbit.

Everyday, precisely at the time you choose, a member of our team will arrive and clean your home in about an hour so that when you come home, your home awaits with clean dishes and freshly maid beds. You can focus on living your life.

This is not simply about getting the job done but doing so thoughtfully. We carefully select our staff and methods so that the job is done well, promptly, consistently, and with a relaxed but confident attitude that you would expect from a 5 Star hotel.

Laundry Assist

We have the option of Laundry Assist. This will make sure your laundry is done and put away neatly in a Kon Mari fashion. We will even iron. Come home and relax, and enjoy your life.

Fresh Assist

Fresh Assist is a way to make your sure you don’t have to make last minute runs to the grocery store. We will monitor the stock of certain items such as milk, cream, juice, fruit, and eggs and restock automatically at regular grocery store prices with no mark up. You’ll always have cream for your coffee and juice for the kids.


Sometimes there are things around the home that need to be picked up and organized and you just don’t have the time, Boost takes care of this. Simply take a photo of what needs attention, such as the messy end table, and text it to us with an instruction list and it will be taken care of.

Room Service

Do you like breakfast in bed? Keep posted. This is coming too,