Why Jura?

We only sell Jura machines because we believe that it is the best machine to purchase regardless of your concerns. In every category, the Jura excels. It's the cheapest overall, the fastest, the cleanest, and the simplest. Plus it makes the best coffee, is reliable, and the simplest to use and operate.

A Smart Phone in an Flip Phone World

We feel like the Jura is a smart phone in a flip phone world. it's a dramatic breakthrough over the traditional espresso machines. It has a built in high quality grinder. It has computers to control the brewing. It has filtered water. It has more brewing pressure. It has touch screen displays. It monitors the drip tray. It looks good. It is fast. We have not seen any other machine which offers these features.


The Five Traits of a Coffee Machine

When people look to buy a coffee machine they tend to look at 5 things.

    1. Coffee Quality
    2. Reliability
    3. Ease
    4. Cleanliness
    5. Price
The Jura is simply the best in every category.

    Consider these popular choices:

    • Keurig machines are inexpensive to buy but costly to operate because you have to buy K-Cups. Plus the coffee is not very good. It can be hard to find K-cups too. The internal parts get very dirty and are never cleaned.
    • Drip coffee makers are cheap to buy but cost a lot in the coffee you have to use because you have to use so much. They are also messy, and annoying because you have to clean them.
    • Nespresso is simple but pricey to buy and even more pricey when you consider how many capsules you have to buy. 
    • Espresso machines are expensive and complicated to use, and especially difficult to clean.
    • The Italian one touch machines are unreliable and tend to break quickly.
    • There are always new clever methods like pour over, and although fun, they're not really that great.

    Juras Are Cafe Grade Machines

    One of the best judges of anyone's claim about anything is, can they put their money where their mouth is? Which of the above solutions are in actual real live cafes? The Jura is. In fact the very best cafes use Jura from Paris to Monaco.

    The home machines have the same core components but are simply scaled down by things like a smaller water tank.

    They Are the Cheapest Overall

    At first people think Juras are expensive, but they are actually much cheaper than virtually every other method. They grind and brew on the spot, so they are very efficient, using the minimal amount of coffee.

    A drip coffee maker for example uses so much coffee to brew a single cup, that you pay in the amount of coffee you have to buy. Keurigs and Nespresso nickel and dime you on capsules. Coffee shops cost even more. A typical coffee drinker spends $3500 over 5 years at home. That's like a free vacation. A regular coffee shop customer spends over $21,000 in 5 years. 

    They Are Really Clean

    Virtually no other method is as clean as a Jura. They are Swiss. The average street in Switzerland is cleaner than the average kitchen in the world. The Jura rinses before and after every use.

    Most people don't think about what goes on inside their machines. Combine humidity, temperature, and organic matter and you get mold, algae, calcification, and bacteria. And vinegar is not enough to clean it. 

    The Jura deeps clean itself about once every 3 months. This is not only hygienic it keeps the machine running a long time. 

    They Make The Freshest Coffee

    By using whole beans it's as fresh as possible. People forget that coffee is an agricultural product. How long would you eat any vegetable after it was sitting out? Ground coffee decays within days.

    They Clean the Water

    Virtually no other machine cleans and filters its own water. The Jura has a customized filtration system to ensure the water is absolutely perfect no matter what your situation. It's even customized to your specific water.

    They Make The Best Coffee: Crema

    In the coffee world there is something called crema. It's considered the peak of great coffee. If you grind the coffee just right, if you tamp it just right, and if you time the extraction and pressure just right, you end up with the perfect cup of coffee. It has a light brown almost frothy appearance. That's crema. The Jura makes it every time.

    They Keep Your Kitchen Clean

    This is not obvious at first, but the Jura keeps your kitchen clean. Because it grinds, tamps, and brews all by itself there is no measuring, no spilling, no cleanup, and dirty filters. Plus, it has a voluminous drip tray that senses if its full so it doesn't spill all over your kitchen. They are so beautiful as well, they inspire you to keep it clean.

    They Hold Their Value

    Juras are actually so valuable you can even sell your used one for a decent value. 

    They Age Well

    It's tempting when buying technology like a Jura to be scared. After all computers and smart phones are obsolete within a few years. Not the Jura. They are classic. Even the older ones had touch screen displays before the iPhone was even invented.

    They Are Reliable

    Some manufacturers create machine which don't last. They just want to make the sale and leave you hanging. The Jura doesn't do that. It lasts. We've seen Jura's easily last over 10 years. 

    They Are Simple

    There is not a simpler way to brew coffee. Start with whole beans and push a button. With a Keurig or Nespresso you have to at least put in a K-Cup or Capsule every time. Or with a french press you have to grind the coffee. It's utter simplicity to use a Jura.

    They Are Really Better than the Cafe

    Many people don't realize that the Italian espresso machines that they see in cafes are actually very outdated. They were invented over 100 years and have changed little since. The Jura has taken the traditional machine and turbo charged it. The improved the pressure from 9 bar to 15 bar. They computerized the brewing process down to the microsecond for exact perfection every time. The machines in cafes are there not because they are good but because they are nostalgic. 

    Think about how much a Jura does within one minute. It grind the coffee, it tamps it, it infuses, it waits, it expresses, and then it cleans up. 

    It Becomes Your Friend

    The Jura is always there. Since it is clean, simple to operate, and grinds it own beans, it is basically always ready to make a cup. It becomes a friend. No matter what is going on in your life, it's there. It doesn't argue. It doesn't give you a hard time. It just does it best to serve you.